Blossom Finance is a digital investment platform that allows you to invest in real-economy sector halal businesses. In exchange for your investment, you'll receive a monthly profit sharing payment. You can fund your investment via conventional bank transfer - or - via a blockchain transfer using a variety of crypto assets.

NOTE: If you're not experienced with cryptocurrency/blockchain, we do not recommend this option. But if you are, read on.

What crypto assets does Blossom accept?

See the list of wallet addresses listed below.

Can Blossom accept other crypto assets not listed?

Most likely, yes. Just email or send us a chat. We're happy to enable new crypto assets for you. Generally, we can accept any of the crypto assets supported by Indodax.

Steps to Invest Using Crypto

  1. Create your Investor Account
  2. Configure your investment
    - Enter your approximate investment amount in fiat
    (This doesn't need to be exact)
    - Select a duration (tenure) of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
  3. Select payment method "Bank" (IMPORTANT)
    (Don't worry, you don't actually need use a bank account.)
  4. Complete the account verification steps
    - Enter your personal information
    - Enter your address
    - Upload your government issued photo ID
  5. Agree to the investment terms
  6. Tell us which crypto address(es) you will use
    - If you know your wallet address(es), tell us via the chatbot
    - If you don't know your wallet address(es), or you plan on sending directly from an exchange where you don't have custody over the wallet, let us know. We will ask you to add a small, random additional amount to the payment to uniquely identify it.
  7. Send your crypto assets to the wallet address(es) below
  8. (optional) Send us the transaction hash via email ( or the chatbot on the website or app

We will credit your Investor account within a few minutes of receiving your request during business hours (if outside of business hours, please allow 12 hours for us to credit your account).

If you have any questions, just get in touch. We're here to help!

What are the fees?

We will exchange your crypto assets to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to fund your investment. We use the spot market price listed on Indodax.

Blossom does not charge any fees for crypto transfer or exchange.

Indodax charges the following fees:

  • Deposit Fee: none
  • Exchange Fee: 0.10% 
  • Withdrawal Fee (crypto to IDR): 0.25%

What exchange rate will I receive?

We utilize Indodax to exchange your crypto into Indonesian Rupiah at the spot price. The live rates are available at the links below.

For most chains, Indodax requires 40 block confirmations before releasing the funds to us. Our system will instantly exchange your crypto to IDR a the spot price as soon as it's received and released to us by Indodax.

We credit your account with the exact net amount of IDR received from Indodax (less fees). Don't worry if the amount of fiat you entered in the Investor app is slightly (or significantly) different. Your account will be updated to the actual amount received.

What about if the price changes?

Crypto can be volatile. It's entirely possible the crypto price will move significantly while waiting for 40 block confirmations. We don't recommend crypto if you're uncomfortable with some movement in the exchange price during your transfer. You may consider stable coins as an alternative to sending BTC or ETH directly.

Does it use smart contracts?

No, when you invest using blockchain, it will be sent directly to our exchange account. We will exchange your crypto for fiat at the currency spot price.

We previously used a proprietary ethereum smart contract in the investment process called SmartSukuk™. It was very expensive for investors (rising gas prices!) And it was difficult for them to use. Since 95% of Blossom's investors preferred to use bank transfer, we've removed this option.

Crypto Deposit Addresses

AFTER opening your account and notifying us of your wallet address(es), send your crypto payment(s) to the following addresses:


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View Exchange Rates


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Tether (ERC20)

View Exchange Rates

USD Coin

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