How does Blossom Finance's SmartSukuk™ work?

What is Blossom's SmartSukuk™? Pure profit sharing with Blossom's SmartSukuk™? Why is Blossom Finance's SmartSukuk™ Unique?

We offer halal, ethical investments into micro-businesses that make a positive social impact. When you invest with us, we combine your funds with the funds of other similar investors and utilize the funds across a wide range of various micro-businesses.

Please see our FAQ on the how Blossom's investments work: here

What makes our investment product unique is that it has a variable profit rate, since it’s based on pure profit sharing. Most conventional sukuk use complicated contracts to achieve a fixed rate of return, resembling a convention bond. Blossoms SmartSukuk™ takes a “first principles” approach and offers investors a return based on a pure profit sharing model (mudharabah).